Oscar & Joe,

Let me start by introducing myself and my family. My name is Pam Gruell and my sister is Debbie Burk. We live in the Groesbeck area and our parents are staying at The Windsor in Groesbeck, Texas. Our Mother, Ruth Young is 85 years young, our Father is Norris Young, 90 years young. I would like to share our story with you.  

Mom and Dad have always been very vivacious and love people. Up until two and a half years ago, they were able to live on their own. Mother became very ill and we had to Star Flight her to Bryan, Texas to the St. Joseph Hospital where she stayed for a month. We almost lost her. The Doctors would not release her to come back home because she needed medical supervision at this point. We had the dreaded talk about moving into assisted living in Bryan close to her Hospital.  Dad was willing to move because he wanted to be close to his precious wife of 68 years. We moved Mom and Dad into a lovely facility called Crestview in Bryan. It was a “Five Star Resort” some might say. We felt very good about where they would be living and the care they would be receiving. It took Mom about a year to really get back on her feet in skilled nursing. Dad was in a separate room down the hall in assisted living. They hated being apart but they understood it was the only way it could be. Dad became ill and needed skilled nursing himself. At this point they moved him into the room next door to Mom’s. Dad recovered nicely, in fact they both were getting better by the day. Still, they were in separate rooms and pined for one another.

Knowing Mom and Dad were getting stronger, we felt we could start the search for a home closer to our home in Groesbeck. We had heard many stories about some of the nursing homes in this area and we were not too excited about what we might find.  After looking at several homes from Buffalo to Groesbeck, we came to The Windsor. We both left with a happy heart. The facility was certainly not a “Five Star, Two Story, Resort”, however we were so pleased with what we found in The Windsor. The facility was clean, bright, friendly and the staff was warm and inviting from the top down. They were so helpful and answered all our questions. You know, sometimes, big and grand is not always better, as we now have found out, to our delight! They were kind enough to hold a room for us with a deposit for a month until we could arrange to get their Doctors and paperwork in order. May I say, after touring other homes in the area, we were SOLD on The Windsor. They were kind enough to let us come in at our expense and paint their room in decorator colors so Mom would feel it was their own apartment. You should see it. The room is beautiful! They love their new home! In fact they are thriving!

Deb and I have had many talks and we truly believe Mom and Dad get better care at The Windsor than they ever got at the Crestview in Bryan. We are truly grateful. Mom and Dad have Long Term Health Care Insurance and it took Crestview many months before getting the proper paperwork to the insurance company. It took your facility the first month to get it all in order and we never had an issue with anything. We were so dreading this process and it went so smoothly. I’m not sure who is in charge of the insurance paperwork but whom ever it is should be commended for a wonderful job.

Mom and Dad moved in last October and we have had three wellness consult meetings with the staff. Each time they take great care and time with us regarding our comments and concerns. The Activities Director, Beverly, is so creative and keeps everyone active and having fun. We have always felt the cleaning staff was superlative! The Nursing staff is exemplary and the menu is excellent…

I must say The Windsor was great when we moved Mom and Dad in. There have been many improvements made in the eight months they have been there. The facility and staff continue to improve with time. The residents seem to be very content and Mom and Dad were made to feel very welcome. It’s truly like a neighborhood apartment. Residents move up and down the hall and stop by to visit. Mom and Dad have become very comfortable in their surroundings. Anytime they need anything, it is resolved quickly and I can’t tell you how pleased that makes me. 

The Windsor is a great facility and a great environment. We recommend it highly to all we meet. You must make sure that the staff is recognized for all they do and feel appreciated. After all, they are a “family” taking care of my family and it is so important, we couldn’t do it without them. I believe the attitudes and actions of our employees are attributed to the attitudes and actions of the management above them. This is a testament to how your organization is run with you at the helm. For that I thank you.

— Pam Gruell & Debbie Burk