When It Comes to Nursing Care… Big and Grand is Not Always Better!

June 22, 2015. Pam Gruell and Debbie Burk dreaded the fastidious insurance paperwork looming ahead as they searched for a Long-Term Care Residence for their parents, but what really tore them apart was seeing their father separated from his beloved wife of 68 years.

Following their parents’ stay in an assisted living facility that they describe as highly rated, and knowing they were getting stronger, they felt they could start the search for Long Term Care closer to their own home in Groesbeck.

After looking at several residences from Buffalo to Groesbeck, they were more than pleased with Windsor Healthcare & Residence.

Conveniently located in Groesbeck, and just an hour away from Dallas/Fort Worth, Windsor is undergoing full-scope exciting renovations under the dynamic new ownership of Concord Healthcare Group, and entering a new era in Subacute and Long-Term care.

Gruell and Burk were so pleased with what they found at Windsor: “The facility was clean, bright, friendly and the staff was warm and inviting from the top down. You know, sometimes big and grand is not always better – as we now have found out to our delight!”

Recognized for its state-of-the-art-rehabilitation, and unsurpassed skilled nursing care, the genuinely warm and caring staff at Windsor delivers personal attentive care that revitalizes the body and spirit.

“We pride ourselves on our 24-hour interface with our residents and their families, and understand how important family relationships are to their overall well-being” says Arnold Blair, administrator at Windsor, adding that ”in our friendly and home-like atmosphere, patients and residents feel completely at home.”

“Completely at Home”, in the case of Ruth and Norris Young means waking up to each other’s familiar face on a daily basis, continuing to share a bedroom as they have for the last 60+ years – and having their doting daughters paint their room in decorator colors so they feel it is their own apartment. “You should see it” say Gruell and Burk, “the room is beautiful! They love their new home, in fact they are thriving!”

The Youngs, it turns out, moved in last year and since then, they have had three wellness-consult meetings with the attentive staff at Windsor, each a testimony to the great care and responsiveness of the staff regarding their comments and requests.

Now, over a year after their parents moved in, Pam Gruell and Debbie Burk say both “the Residence and the staff continue to improve with time. It’s truly like a neighborhood apartment, with Residents moving up and down the hall and stopping by to visit.”

The remarkable staff at Windsor has without a doubt made a difference.

“They are a family taking care of my family” say the sisters, “and it is so important, we could not do without them. We believe the attitudes and actions of employees are reflective of the attitudes and actions of the management above them – for that we thank them.”

The dreaded insurance process went smoothly, and the elderly couple is truly enjoying the personalized round-the-clock care. Yet, their main source of joy and wellbeing is being able to wake up to the familiar face they are accustomed to see after 60+ years of marriage.

For more information about Windsor Healthcare & Residence please contact Jo Farris at (254) 729-3366 or JFarris@WindsorResidence.com.

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